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In the following, we note some of the neuralgic points – maybe you will find a tip that helps you.


Wrong Password?

If this message is shown, you can reset your password by clicking the link “Forgot your password?” at the bottom of the login form. You will be asked for your e-mail to get a link that will enable you to set a new password.


Wrong E-Mail Address?

You may have set up your account with an e-mail address different from the one you later used to call up your entry again. If you use more than one e-mail address, you should try out all the different alternatives.


Account not activated yet?

When you registered on the platform, you should have automatically received an e-mail confirming your registration. To continue, you must click on the link sent in that e-mail. This activates your account and opens it up for processing.


Account or application erased?

If you haven’t changed anything in your (not yet formally submitted) application documents for more than 14 days, the platform automatically assumes that you have lost interest. Before your data are irrevocably erased, you will be sent a warning e-mail. If you then promptly re-register, your data will be preserved. After the deadline named in the warning e-mail, the data cannot be rescued and you must set up a new account, if desired.


Saving the application is not possible?

If you cannot save your entries, this can have various causes:

  • Did you make a mistake filling in the blanks?
  • Did you use special characters that the system doesn’t recognize?
  • Did you try to upload individual enclosures that were not in the required format (PDF) or that were too large (more than 5 MB)?
  • Did you exceed the time limit of 24 hours during which you can work without interruption on the application? (The system assumes that you intermittently save your work and log out.)


Please check these possibilities and correct any entries that could have led to the error messages.

If you are still unable to solve the problem and to save and submit your documents, please send us an e-mail precisely detailing the error messages or with as precise a description of the problem as possible at